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Saturday, January 26, 2019

How to grow your business with online marketing

What is online markerting?

 online markerting is the making known to the public availability of products or services via the internet either by advert placement social media,personal website etc
    In this article you will learn how to grow your business online this can be known as online marketing. Online marketing has always been a great factor for growing small business. I have seen small businesses that have turned into big companies within a little time with the help of online marketing. Do you own a business that generates a good amount of revenue annually? If yes then this is the time to take advantage of the internet and get more audience.
 Most businesses thinks they may not need the internet to grow or their business, and their business  can only exist within a local or small range many of these business owners may be wrong as  any kind of business can take part in online marketing as long as you are ready to take your business to the next level. Businesses that needs online presence ranges from small scale to large scale businesses for example if you own a restaurant and you will like to take your business to the next level you can take advantage of online marketing if you generate a good amount of yearly revenue that can enable you to invest in online marketing without any struggle in your business then it is time to go to the next level.
 For a restaurant you can start online delivery of your products. If you own a hotel you can also start online booking of your hotel rooms.
Types of businesses that need online marketing
Almost all businesses needs online marketing depending on what you do and how much revenue your business generates annually bellow are some websites which can take part in online marketing but are not limited to:
1.    Restaurants
2.    Hotels
3.    Schools
4.    Hospitals
5.    Fashion designing
6.    Boutiques
7.    Insurance companies etc.
How big should my company be before I start online marketing?
There is no particular size a company should attain before you go for online marketing all your business needs is to have or generate a good amount of annual revenue that will not affect other parts of you business if you invest up to an amount ranging from  $100 to $500 for( smaller starters who wants to start with just facebook pages this will be explained further when you proceed) and $1,000 - $2,000  in online marketing .
How do I start online marketing?
For you to start online marketing you need a medium where people can reach you on the internet below is a list and a detailed explanation of two major things you need for a start  
1. A website
A website is a very important factor you need to use to grow your business with online marketing. Your website should contain valuable information about your business what you do of offer to customers. Your website should also contain your contact information for e.g. your business telephone number, an email where customers can reach you with the location of your company and many more it is also very important to have a live customer support or respond to a customer’s query on time as this will encourage them to do business with you.
2. Social Media presence
This is yet another important factor in online marketing most people underestimate the power of the social media there are over two billion users of social media worldwide which makes social media a great place to reach your audience. With this large number of users all over the world it helps you to connect with users if your services can be offered internationally it can also connect you with audiences from your local geographical location.
How to use social media for online marketing
 Sign up for facebook twitter and instagram
You can sign up on these social media platforms using your business name and pictures as for facebook if you already have an account all you need to do is to create a facebook page. Most people small businesses just start and depend on facebook pages for their online marketing which is ok. If your business is bigger and you need more functionalities or activities to be carried out on your online platform like online delivery, booking for services etc then you need to get a website. Getting a website is not so hard nowadays you can pay developers to get you a website or you can use a website cms to know more about website cms just search this “website cms” on Google. Paying developers to build a website for you is advisable and very good because you can request for added functionalities or more activities users can carry out on your website. To get developers to the work for you go to our contact us page and send us a message with your requests. We will be glad to help you at a very affordable rate we also have ten years experience in web design and development.
How to reach thousands of audience online
After doing all the work you now have to do the most important thing which is advertisement. Advertising you business can bring thousands of audience to you on daily bases and help your business to grow from zero to hero depending on how much you want to spend on ads.
Effective platforms to advertise your business
1.    Facebook
2.    Twitter
3.    Instagram
4.    Google ads
Facebook and other social media networks offer you the ability to reach more audience when you pay for an advertisement. Running an ad on facebook is very easy all you have to do is create a post on your page and click on boost post you will be taken to a payment page where you will have to pay with your card you can read this post to know more about facebook advertisement or you can just relax and let us do all the work for you at a little extra cost. To let us help you with your campaign simply fill the contact us form on this page if you are using a mobile device then scroll to the end of the page to see the form.
Twitter instagram and other social media platforms also do advertisements but facebook ads are very affordable and will yield more results. Another effective platform to advertise you business is on Google ads, it is also very efficient you can start a campaign with as low as $10
In order to make online marketing effective you need to own a website and create awareness on social media, run advertisements on social media and Goggle ads which are the best places to start online marketing. You can share this post with your friends to educate them you can also drop any questions on the comment box. Outsmart your competitors with online marketing.

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